Introduce myself

Hi all,

My name is Jiro Matsuzawa. I am a new member of the GNOME Foundation.
I live in Japan.

I've been translating GNOME into Japanese since 2010. The Japanese
translation team is so active. I'm interested in not only i18n/l10n
but also a11y and documentation. I've made some presentations on GNOME
at FLOSS-related events in Japan so that more people get involved in
GNOME. I'll continue to contribute to GNOME.

I'm really happy to become a GNOME member. Thank you for approving my

All the best!

Jiro Matsuzawa
 jmatsuzawa gnome org
 jmatsuzawa src gnome org
 matsuzawa jr gmail com
GPG Key ID: 0xECC442E9
GPG Key Fingerprint: E086 C14A 869F BB0E 3541 19EB E370 B08B ECC4 42E9

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