Hello Mr (Mrs) Developers of GTK+ (GNOME)

I would like to ask you some questions regarding GTK+. As I am paying attention to your website ( http://www.gtk.org/) for a beginner like me is exhausting. One of the good things that you put  "gtk all in one bundle" the important thing is what come after that.People like me are strugling to compile and link a basic "Hello World" application in various ide&copiler with different platforms like linux and windows and mac yet we are (the beginners) not successful to make it work easily. Can you answer the basic question how Qt had spread out ? It is because the beginners like us were able to easily compile basic Hello World application in its own IDE (called Qt Creator ). This IDE made programmers easily adapt basics of Qt and produce quality proven producs the same could be with GTK+ ( I still have a hope ). 
         The Second thing I could not fınd an informative tutorial about compiling and linking with some famous IDE&compilers (like CodeBlocks,MVS C++,NetBeans,Eclipse,CodeLite,Ultimate++...&GCC,DigıtalMars,MingGW,...). This two things will make GTK+ spread easily. 

         The third thing is there is no comparison b/w gkt+ 2.x and 3.x. like what have changed what have not.

        The fourth one is "How can I be helpful (except money, cuz I aint no money. when I got money you will get some I promise.) 

Thank you for you attention...

Your Sincerely Nurmyrat Gurbanliyew

Note: Please if this letter in wrong place can you send It to right one. Thank you very much.

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