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I'm also considering going to Grace Hopper, especially if the panel proposal I'm a part of gets accepted. The speaker notifications for Grace Hopper will happen May 17th. I know there might be just a few of us for whom it will matter, but if Joanie was brave enough to ask, I'd like to second her interest in considering a different weekend because of this overlap. After all, if we do go to Grace Hopper, all we'll be talking to people and presenting about will be GNOME, and it would be disappointing to be missing an important GNOME conference at the same time.

Also GSoC mentors summit will be October 19-21, and it would be nice if the GNOME Summit (wherever it is :) doesn't conflict with it either.

 I agree. I think that it would be good for GNOME to make as strong a showing as possible at Grace Hopper. I understand that scheduling conflicts are unavoidable in some cases, but I think that re-scheduling the North American GNOME Summit should be strongly considered. It would be best for members of GNOME to not have to choose between the two events. I was really pleased that Joanie brought this up.


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Hey guys.

Looking at my fall calendar I noticed that the Boston Summit* and Grace
Hopper overlap, the latter being 3-6 October and Columbus Day weekend
being 6-8 October. Also, as I understand it, there will be a FLOSS day
associated with Grace Hopper taking place on 7 October. My initial
reaction was to just forget about Boston Summit. But then I remembered
the lesson from last year: Traditions can be broken. ;) ;)

So.... I realize it's still quite early, but are we planning on having
the Boston Summit in Boston and over Columbus Day weekend?

Take care.

* Assuming we continue the Columbus Day tradition
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