Re: Introducing myself: Andres Gomez

2012/4/5 Andres Gomez <agomez igalia com>
Among other works, I'm the lead developer of GDigicam[1], the library on
top of GStreamer's CameraBin used in the Camera integrated in the Nokia
N900, but I've also been developing some other pet projects such as
"Application's Fullscreener" [2] and the "Automatic Skype Launcher for
Maemo 4"[3].

Wow, pretty cool!
I'm really happy of having joint the GNOME Foundation and this mailing

Welcome!  Glad to see you joined up!  Looking forward to seeing your contributions!
Hope to read you soon! :)

You are! :)


Andrés Gómez
Computer Science Engineer
mailto:agomez igalia com

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