Re: The Boston (or "Boston") Summit?


The announcement was just made today that the summit is October 8-10
in Montreal:


The other day I heard an interesting rumor, which I've since been able
to confirm [1]: There's a small chance that the Boston Summit might be
the Montreal Summit.

Montreal is all kinds of charming awesomeness, and if that is where the
Summit is going to be this year, that's great. But it does of course
mean that some people who didn't have to travel will now have to, and
that some "meetings of convenience" with non-GNOME local folks might
need to be rescheduled. Thus, for the purpose of managing logistics, I
would find it extremely helpful to know where the Summit will be this
year and if it will be held on the traditional date (i.e. only one month
from now).

With apologies to all for being a noodge (and especially to Emmanuele
for my impatience after he suggested we might know something today.)

Thanks in advance!


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