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Hello foundation members,

Despite some heroic efforts by Colin and Karen, we were unable to
acquire a venue in Cambridge for this year's Boston Summit.

Fortunately, some kind folks from Collabora jumped in and offered to
help organise the event in Montréal.  We've been furiously phoning
around to hammer out the details over the past couple of days and I'm
happy to announce that it's now official.

The summit will occur, in Montréal, over the usual Canadian Thanksgiving
(US Columbus Day) long weekend.  Book your tickets now.

The dates are Saturday October 8 to Monday October 10.

There was some talk about a Gtk hackfest being co-located with the
summit, but this will not happen.

The venue for the summit is the École Polytechnique de Montréal.  The
venue is well served by the Metro (station "Université-de-Montréal‎" on
the blue line).  The hotels are very inexpensive compared to Cambridge
(many available for less than $100/night and almost nothing over $200). 

Montréal Trudeau Airport (YUL) is the natural choice for those arriving
by plane.  Montréal is also about a 5 hour drive from the Boston area.
As of 2009, a passport is required for those entering Canada by car.

Montréal is a beautiful city with a lot of history.  Anyone who has some
vacation time to burn would be well-advised to stay a few days extra.

See more information on Wikitravel:

A big thank you to Colin Walters and to Collabora for their efforts in
Cambridge and Montréal, respectively.

Look forward to seeing you all there!

Ryan Lortie
(on behalf of the board of directors)

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