Report about JDLL 2011 event from GNOME-FR


Previous week-end, GNOME-fr members (non-profit organization to
promote GNOME in French speaking countries) went to Lyon, France, to
take part of the open-source related event, the JDLL [1] (which stands
for Journées du Logiciel Libre), so I wanted, as president of GNOME-Fr
report what we did there.

GNOME-fr had the opportunity to have a booth, and present a conference
to talk about GNOME.
At the booth, we had a great fun to provide information to people
looking at gnome-shell on our demo workstation, some were really
astonished by the revolutionary way of managing applications, and the
integration (like the notification system). We had also to explain to
some GNOME 2 users, a little afraid by this new paradigm, what are the
motives to modify their favorite desktop.

Didier Roche, famous Canonical developer, and also vice-president of
GNOME-FR and Vincent Untz (GNOME enthusiast for a long time, SUSE
developer, and previous GNOME-FR president) did a joined conference on
Saturday, and they explained the shared roots (the GNOME technology
underneath) and the differences of the Shell and Unity in an
innovative way I can't talk about, because it would spoil their next
representation :). Too bad the conference was schedule early in the
morning and didn't had the audience such conference would deserve.

I wanted to thanks the foundation for providing us the event box, it
provides an invaluable way to promote GNOME. I wanted also to thanks
all people who came and participate to the event for GNOME (Fred
Péters, Didier Roche, Alexandre Franke, Haïkel Guémar, Marc-André
Lureau and Michael Scherer) and all people who helped us (Didier
Roche, again for hosting us in its home, and Haïkel Guémar for
managing the reception and the sending of the event box) .

I posted some photos on my website, you can have a view at


Baptiste Mille-Mathias
Les gens heureux ne sont pas pressés

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