Re: Question to candidates: on-line services

Bastien Nocera wrote:

> I'm not sure that administration, hardware, or the likes are the major
> blockers for this sort of problem. What's really missing is the cloud
> services themselves.
> When we do get a cloud service worth offering for the whole of our
> community, we'll find a way to get past the financial hurdles.

Of course we cannot do everything by ourselves, but it has been
repeated many times that when something needs to be fixed, no matter
the layer, we'll get to fix it properly, this has been notably true
when going to layers down the "desktop", for example you didn't wait
for a kernel hacker to fix the bluetooth stack.

I believe it is clear, from past board actions (e.g. the snowy
hackfest) that such services are something we want to encourage, with
our money and brand, but it seems we only have few developers engaging
with the web, do you think the GNOME foundation should reach out to
other communities (Mozilla? Apache? Midguard?) to foster developments
in this area? (I am particularly interested in Stormy answer, as a
Mozilla insider).



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