Re: Fwd: Question for the canditates

> 1) As GNOME has matured the number of officially supported language
> bindings has decreased. The quality and availability of various
> language communities own bindings has varied wildly to say the least.
> How would you work to improve this situation?

I agree with all the other candidates so far. This board cannot do the
work and should not do the technical work anyway.

But, as others pointed out, the foundation can organize hackfests or
support any initiative that would promote a particular binding.

> 2) What are your own feelings on supporting fairly new languages and
> standards like Go and Perl 6?

If someone is willing to maintain it, this is wonderful.

I believe that, to keep a very high quality binding, you either need a
very motivated team or some commercial interests. As long as a binding
is used commercially, some companies can be paid to support that
particular binding and I think it's really good.

That's why I think the foundation should encourage and promote
commercial support through GNOME companies.

Well, I will stop here, else I will repeat what I said in my previous
mails :-)


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