Re: Fwd: Question for the canditates

On 2011-05-25 at 19:49, Andrea Veri wrote:
> 1) As GNOME has matured the number of officially supported language
> bindings has decreased. The quality and availability of various
> language communities own bindings has varied wildly to say the least.
> How would you work to improve this situation?

this is a technical and marketing question that the Board cannot
really answer; the GNOME project has always been open to all kinds of
programming tools — even when some times the rest of the free and open
source software world was less than so.

I started contributing to GNOME through the Perl bindings myself, and
occasionally still do. on the technical level, the GNOME platform
offers a compelling story for non-C developers, but much has to be done
in terms of marketing, documentation and QA. what the Foundation can do
is create the opportunity for developers of language bindings to come
together in hackfests and conferences — something that has been done
with the PyGObject hackfest in Berlin, for instance.

> 2) What are your own feelings on supporting fairly new languages and
> standards like Go and Perl 6?

my feeling is: the more, the merrier. :-)

if somebody is willing to create bridges with these communities then,
and I speak as a member of the GNOME Foundation and a maintainer of
libraries and applications, I would only be happy to welcome
collaboration and contributions.



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