Re: Candidacy: Lionel Dricot

On Mon, 2011-05-23 at 09:29 +0200, Lionel Dricot wrote:
> Le lundi 23 mai 2011 à 00:14 +0200, Vincent Untz a écrit :
> > Le dimanche 22 mai 2011, à 23:45 +0200, Lionel Dricot a écrit :
> > > It would have been easy to criticize, to say loudly that the board
> > > should improve the situation without moving a single finger. But I think
> > > that, if you want something to happen, you have to make it yourself. I
> > > think that the GNOME companies should be represented on the board
> > > permanently. That's why I took the decision to stand for election.
> > 
> > Two questions on this:
> Good questions, I knew it would happen after I re-read my previous
> answer ;-)
> > 
> >  - why do you need to be on the board to make it happen yourself?
> It would be possible to work on that without being on the board. I
> considered that option and I will definitely do if I'm not elected.

Definitely, in fact, that's exactly what I discussed with Martyn on
foundation-list a couple of weeks ago.

> But think that the "communication about commercial support" is only the
> tip of the iceberg, that there is often small issues or
> misunderstanding.

What sort of problems do you expect to see? I'm pretty unclear on what
"small issues or misunderstanding" you would see.

>  It is not only about having a page that list the
> commercial support companies. It's more about a deep collaboration
> between the foundation and the companies that live from GNOME.

I personally don't think that the Foundation needs to be involved in
setting this up. Rubber-stamping this, certainly, but I don't think that
those companies that offer services need the Board to be involved to
make changes to the GNOME website.

> And for such deep collaboration to be optimal, the board is the best
> place.
> >  - isn't the Advisory Board, and not the Board, the group where the
> >    GNOME companies (and others, obviously) should be represented?
> I think that the board should represent the community. As I said in my
> previous mail, I believe that the community is mainly composed of
> independents, big companies with GNOME products and small companies with
> GNOME services. Thus, I believe that the board should be a fair mix of
> people from those different backgrounds. I especially happy to see the
> candidacy of Diego, Ryan and Andre regarding that.

I would argue that the Board doesn't need to match the represention of
the community, but needs to represent the community at large. Otherwise
we would have a different voting system.

Bringing your knowledge of a certain subject to the Board is certainly a
good thing, but I don't think a person needs to work for a consultancy
to be able to represent consultancies effectively, for example.

> Of course, people might disagree with this vision of the board. That's
> why we have elections ;-)
> I hope to have answered your questions.
> Lionel
> PS: part of my hidden agenda is to impose French as the official
> language. I already started the trend by never pronouncing the "H" (like
> in "it appens" or "having a new CSS team for your desktop. What? Ah, a
> theme!")

I'm going for cockney rhyming slang.

> PPS: where should I send the icecream to make you stop asking questions?

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