Re: Candidacy: Emmanuele Bassi

    the main lesson learned in these past 10 years is that writing a
    "graphical interface" in a vacuum, shielded by layers of abstractions
    is not only impossible: it's actively wrong.


    GNOME requires, in order to build a full user experience (not just the
    user interface bits, but also the interaction between them and the
    device, and the user), a full set of vertically designed and integrated
    capabilities: from the chosen kernel (generally Linux) to the low-level
    kernel/user space interaction (e.g. udev); from the IPC mechanism (e.g.
    D-Bus) to the initialization system; from the authentication and
    authorization framework up to the login manager   and we haven't even
    logged into the session yet!

The term "full set" seems misleading.  This includes many components
of the system, but not the whole of it.

Referring to GNOME as an "operating system" will suggest it is an
alternative to other systems, such as in particular the GNU system
which GNOME is meant to be a part of.  That will cause conflicts which
could easily be avoided.

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