Re: Candidacy: Emmanuele Bassi

2011/5/22 Luca Ferretti <lferrett gnome org>:
> How should we test all the stuff needed for a first class experience
> (hardware support, drivers, ecc)?

This is a very interesting question. I have many computers and I help
other users to install and configure GNU/Linux on their PCs.
The "user experience" is very different: Intel videocards works fine,
Nvidia cards give video tearing often and ATi cards have more
problems. Sometimes FLOSS drivers work finest than binary ones,
sometimes not. User experience is affected by a number of other things
like ACPI, interrupts conflict, and so on.
How to choose the best components in these cases? It is impossible
because "the best components" are the worst for some users.

> Do you suggest to "rebase" it on existing distro or create it
> from scratch?

Another interesting question. If you choose to create a distro from
scratch you should create a packaging system too. Another one? No,
thank you. And if you choose to do GNOME OS basing it on Debian |
Fedora | Gentoo | etc., this means other distributors/vendors should
work hard to adapt  GNOME on their platform.

IMHO, GNOME should be platform-independent and should support pretty
all underlying technologies. Well, there are some of them that are
cross platform or are really far better than others (examples: CUPS,
Samba) so GNOME could choose them as "the standard".

But I think GNOME should work on unsupported cross-platform
technologies: for example, why GNOME has not official support for

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