Re: Website content licensing

2011/3/10 Javier Jardón <jjardon gnome org>
On 10 March 2011 22:22, Paul Cutler <pcutler gnome org> wrote:
> We had previously agreed to a CC-BY 3.0 license.  I'll have to dig up
> the emails from somewhere.
> Paul

I raised this issue some time ago, take a look here: [1]

The problem is that the actual content of the Gnome wiki is not licensed.
Relicense all the content can be a hard task :/

Anyway, I think that would be a good idea set by default cc-by-sa 3.0
for new written documents created from now.

Can we just add a note to the page that shows up when the wiki asks you if you want to create a new page?


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