How you can help GNOME 3

Hi.  I'm Sumana Harihareswara, working on outreach for GNOME 3.

I'm not going to syndicate all of marketing-list to foundation-list, but I do want to encourage you to join marketing-list, even if it's just for the next five weeks, to help us with an extraordinary opportunity. You can help celebrate a historic moment in GNOME, and your coding, writing, and speaking will get the word out about what a transformative release 3.0 is.

There are lots of ways to help.  Three things you can do:

1) Help Andreas & Allan by adding a map or a Like/Follow Us button to . There's a list of development tasks here:

2) Help Paul & me with GNOME Journal by writing an article about what's better for developers in GNOME 3. We're putting out a special issue for the release. Check out .

3) Help Jason by making a "GNOME In 30 Seconds" video. He's put a detailed HOWTO up: .

And we have more TODOs at .

Thanks for making GNOME, thanks for making GNOME special, and \o/ for GNOME 3.


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