Re: Question to candidates: on-line services

I wrote :

> Bastien Nocera wrote:
> > I'm not sure that administration, hardware, or the likes are the major
> > blockers for this sort of problem. What's really missing is the cloud
> > services themselves.
> > 
> > When we do get a cloud service worth offering for the whole of our
> > community, we'll find a way to get past the financial hurdles.
> Of course we cannot do everything by ourselves, but it has been
> repeated many times that when something needs to be fixed, no matter
> the layer, we'll get to fix it properly, this has been notably true
> when going to layers down the "desktop", for example you didn't wait
> for a kernel hacker to fix the bluetooth stack.
> I believe it is clear, from past board actions (e.g. the snowy
> hackfest) that such services are something we want to encourage, with
> our money and brand, but it seems we only have few developers engaging
> with the web, do you think the GNOME foundation should reach out to
> other communities (Mozilla? Apache? Midguard?) to foster developments
> in this area? (I am particularly interested in Stormy answer, as a
> Mozilla insider).
                    (and what do you think the board can do wrt this?)

Pretty ping?


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