What kind of device is GNOME 3 best suited for?

I realize that there is a lot of development going on to make GNOME 3
function well on new kinds of devices, such as touch screen support.
Awesome, really.

However, I wonder on what sort of device GNOME 3 is best targeted for.
Most tablets that are currently popular differentiate themselves a lot
by features that relate to media.  Many people love doing things like
playing and creating audio and video using touch screen devices.  We
are starting to see products like this on the market, for example:



One challenge, I think, for the free software community is providing
free media services, yet so much popular media is wrapped up in DRM
and patents.  Perhaps guitar effects pedals, while cool, is probably
a pretty small market.  However, I suspect there are markets where
a GNOME 3 based desktop would be quite useful, such as in specific-use
hardware like, perhaps point-of-sale systems.  a PoS system based on
free software would be an affordable solution to many small business
owners, I'd think.

I am sure this has been discussed, but I am curious what sort of devices
people think GNOME 3 would be best suited for.


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