Re: Additional Hackfests - Brno

Reminder that you have 2 days to touch base with the Brno organizers
to organize any additional hackfests there over February 17-21.


On 11/30/11 01:26 PM, Brian Cameron wrote:

The Brno Hackfest organizers have recently let the GNOME Foundation
board know that additional rooms for Hackfest use can be secured for
roughly $25-42 USD per day (depending on the size of room needed).
Rooms can be available from February 17-21. However, the organizers
need to reserve rooms no later than December 14th. To me, this cost
sounds rather reasonable.

So, if any GNOME projects would like to meet with the Docs and GTK+
teams at Brno, please discuss and make arrangements in the next two
weeks. The GNOME Foundation would be happy to discuss covering the
costs of additional rooms needed for any additional approved
Hackfest(s). Please contact board gnome org if you have any questions
or want to discuss organizing any Hackfest.

For details about the current Hackfests planned for Brno:

Let the board know even if you would like to plan a Hackfest at some
other location or timeframe. There are currently no hackfests planned
after February, so it would be good to start planning for more. I
understand the Marketing and a11y teams have been talking about having a
Hackfest. Have others?


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