Re: Meeting Minutes Published - March 29th, 2011

On 18/04/11 11:49, Andreas Nilsson wrote:
* Johannes Schmid informed the board that at the Toronto hackfest
that they discussed about an organization that decided to use Qt
instead of GTK+ mainly because they were able to get a support
contract for Qt. Therefore we thought it might be a good idea to
give interested companies a chance to present themselves as
commercial support options on Perhaps via
some "Get support" link. Do we have any response?
o ACTION: Andreas - Will discuss with Ryan Lortie providing
support contracts for GTK+.

Can I ask why the ACTION above says you will discuss with Ryan about
providing support contracts for GTK+? Why not a mailing list with
companies that have GTK+ or GLib core maintainers (perhaps GNOME in
general even)?
I said on the phone that I would briefly check the idea with Ryan
since we shared a room in Bangalore (I was there when we had the board
meeting). That's about as serious as it was.
Sorry if the action item sounded more serious than it was.
This totally needs to be brought up more broadly. What list would be
- Andreas

Hej Andreas,

Now I also remember why I said Ryan's name on the phone specifically.
Wow, I'm not really back 100% from this flue (this is also why it took
some time with my reply) so my mind is not always clear. :)
I recalled that Ryan told me in a hotel in Florida in October "you
should totally do some fixes to the website some time" (not in
my board role, but in my do-website-stuff-role), to witch I replied
"perhaps, do you have any specific ideas?".
One of his ideas was to add a list of companies that gave GTK+ support
(as in, custom development, not in "call this company when you hit a
bug" sense).

Yea, this idea has been floating around for a while. It's also why we have the affiliations listed. I agree, more can be done here.

Also, as Bastien points out "support" is quite an expansive word and encompasses more than people may initially consider.

Also, we can take the opportunity to update that page on the site when I have finished the review of the new site design (which I am struggling to find the time to do at this point):

I think this idea have been floating around in general and
I think it would make sense to have to have such a list on either or somewhere on

I completely agree.

Again, sorry for any confusion.

No problem at all, I was really just querying the meeting notes and asking for more dialog here. :)


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