Re: Customization of Gnome Fund Contribution to Country levels

Il giorno mer, 06/04/2011 alle 16.37 +0800, Pockey Lam ha scritto:

> The GNOME.Asia committee has been looking for company that is similar
> to that can offer people with GNOME
> merchandises to the Indian market. Since there will be a few GNOME
> User Groups establishing in India, we will definitely need more local
> volunteers to help to start the GNOME Store in India. In this case,
> the local volunteers can propose any amount to cope with the local
> market.  if you have any recommendation, please do propose to us! 

Not only India, see

Living in Europe, honestly I fail to understand the reason why Zazzle
ships, for example, to Austria or Switzerland and it doesn't to Italy or
Greece. I should ask someone located in UK to receive them in my stead
and then forward to me.

But I've to admin situation in other countries and areas is worst.

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