Re: Customization of Gnome Fund Contribution to Country levels

Dear Fred,

I have completely scanned the Friends of Gnome page before even raising this request. 500USD was just an example i opted to refer as what i am talking about. But as you can see, those who would be interested in a t-shirt and a membership stuffs and more goodies as a sign of show off to others for their contributions, other stuffs wont work out for them or they may not be interested. I am sure you did attend the Gnome.Asia summit and u must have seen how many non-volunteers have bought the tshirt and wore it to show off their support.

So what ever is the type of contribution, it would be great if the rates are brought down to the country level standards. That way gnome or any Free Software project can attract more contributors. I do hope you understand my concern here. Conversion rates from USD -  INR is pretty costly. That itself puts more people off from contributing.

Thanks :)

P.S: Its not just my issues. Its every ones and i am just requesting on behalf of the concerned group of people as well as a well wisher of FS/Gnome to grow.

On Tue, Apr 5, 2011 at 5:01 PM, Frederic Muller <fredm gnome org> wrote:
Dear Shailesh,

GNOME accepts donations starting from as low as you can afford. Please review for one time donation: you can see that the default amount is U$25 (and not $500) and can be edited to a lower amount.

I hope that clarifies the issues for you.

Kind regards,


On 04/05/2011 11:12 AM, Zenwalker wrote:
Dear Board Members,

I here by wish to make an appeal for customizing the rates (contribution
funds) to Gnome programs such as Gnome Store, Friends of Gnome,
Contribute to Gnome, etc. to be customized to the country rates such a
way more people can affort to contribute.

The current problem is, most contributors willing to contribute to the
Free software (Gnome, Linuxfoundation, FSF, etc.) are not able to
contribute in any way viz Buying goodies, fund transfers, etc. coz the
conversion rates are too high.

For example, to become a friends of Gnome program and sponsor 500USD to
get a one time membership, etc. features, it will cost around 21,000 INR
(Indian Currency) for an individual.

This is leading to loosing alot of contributors in and around asia
specific. I can assure you this problem is faced by many in my country
(india) when ever i interact with many people interested in gnome and
wishes to contribute funds, upon seeing the conversion rates, they back

Hence i here by make a request to the board of members to take further
decisions as requested above, so that every body can contribute easily
and comfortably.

P.S: I had the same above discussion with Brian Cameron when he visited
Gnome.Asia 2011 summit in bangalore recently. He directed me to write a
mail to the Board Members.

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