SiS video cards and GNOME 3

Hi, folks.

As some of you might already know, the average computer in Brazil is
shipped with SiS video card. Which doesn't have a proper X driver. So,
most people in Brazil will not be able to run gnome-shell. They will
simply not feel the GNOME 3 experience. (this includes myself, btw).

The answer "buy a better hardware" just doesn't work here. We're talking
about a development country (3rd world...).

The fallback for gnome-shell is just to stick with gnome panel/metacity,
which means GNOME 2 experience.

I really feel bad about this. In every conversation I have, people keep
asking/complaining about this issue.

So, I'm wondering if the Foundation could, somehow, help in this area.
Two ideas came up (not mutually exclusive):

1) Fund someone to writer a proper X org driver for SiS cards
2) Talk to SiS to solve the problem

Ideas, suggestions?

Jonh Wendell

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