Re: GTK+/MeeGo Handset integration work, call for bids

I'm raising a red flag:

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I don't think it's a good idea to put this kind of funding in to a project that does not comply with DSC/DFSG

The GNOME Project is an effort to create a complete, free and easy-to-use desktop environment for users, as well as a powerful application development framework for software developers. GNOME is part of the GNU Project, is Free Software, and developed as Open Source software.

The GNOME Foundation will work to further the goal of the GNOME project: to create a computing platform for use by the general public that is completely free software.

To achieve this goal, the Foundation will coordinate releases of GNOME and determine which projects are part of GNOME. The Foundation will act as an official voice for the GNOME project, providing a means of communication with the press and with commercial and noncommercial organizations interested in GNOME software. The foundation may produce educational materials and documentation to help the public learn about GNOME software. In addition, it may sponsor GNOME-related technical conferences, and represent GNOME at relevant conferences sponsored by others, help create technical standards for the project and promote the use and development of GNOME software.



On Wed, 2010-10-13 at 12:55 +0100, Bastien Nocera wrote:
The GNOME Foundation is looking for developers to enhance the developer
experience of using GTK+ to port and create applications on MeeGo
Handset devices.

Knowledge of the MeeGo Handset development process, and GTK+ internals
will be required to carry out the work.

The tasks to be achieved are:
- Ensure that GTK+ applications display as expected on the MeeGo Handset
platform, including checking that fixes to the compositor are made if
- Add to upstream GTK+ helper functionality to create stand-alone GTK+
applications to run on MeeGo.
- Merge Hildon widgets functionality into GTK+ upstream, where it makes
sense to do so.

The money available for the project is $50,000, and the bidder selection
will be made by a group including professional consultants with GTK+ and
MeeGo experience and GNOME Foundation Board members.

Bids should include:
- Results of testing stock GTK+ applications on the MeeGo Handset platform
- Details of your research into what GTK+ functionality needs to be
added to ease porting of stock applications to MeeGo Handset.
- The list of widgets and functionality ported from Hildon to upstream
GTK+, including a review of how the functionality would be integrated
(extending existing widgets, new widgets, etc.)
- A time line and schedule for the whole project
- References to previous MeeGo, MeeGo Handset, Maemo, or GTK+ work.

Note that the goal of the GNOME Foundation for this project is upstream
acceptance of the various modifications made during the project.

Please send your proposals to board-list gnome org with the subject line
"MeeGo Handset Bid".


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