re: Q: Motivation to run [WAS: Re: GNOME Board of Directors Foundation Elections Spring 2010 - The candidates]

(sorry for breaking the thread, I unsubscribed from the list a while back since I was getting a lot of mail with, hrm, Questionable information value at the time and I had lots of other things to do back then. Now I'm back though!)

 Frederic Peters wrote:
 A question addressed to late runners... As I expect you didn't know in
 advance the deadline for announcing candidacies would be delayed, what
 in those two extra days finally convinced you to run?

It had been a busy week and weekend, so I didn't get time to sit down to put together something human readable until almost before the deadline had ran out late in the night.
Then I noticed that the deadline had been extended, so I went to bed instead and got myself some proper sleep.
So in short, it didn't, it just gave me more time to put together a better text. :)
- Andreas

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