Re: GnuCash and CLI Ledger

"Bradley M. Kuhn" <bkuhn ebb org> writes:
>Meanwhile, I should also mention that Karl Fogel of Question Copyright
>(cc'ed) faced a similar problem, which he solved by moving to CiviCRM,
>which has a PayPal import feature.  I don't know if this would fully
>solve your problem, since the end goal is getting it into GnuCash
>correctly, but it might be a piece.  Karl told me he's willing to help
>out GNOME Foundation on this front if you need advice on how to set it
>up.  Karl mentioned this blog post is a good resource:

I have separate scripts that convert from CiviCRM database to Ledger
format, and of course Ledger itself can then convert the data to GnuCash
format, IIUC.  I'd be happy to share those scripts, though you might
need to tweak them a bit to remove some


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