Re: GnuCash and CLI Ledger (was Re: Meeting Minutes Published - April 29, 2010)

On Wed, 2010-05-12 at 08:20 -0400, Bradley M. Kuhn wrote:
> Brian Cameron wrote at 19:33 (EDT) on Tuesday:
> >  * GnuCash automation.
> >    * Paul already has an action item to work with Germán to find a
> >      solution for GnuCash automation.
> >    * ACTION: Rosanna will send emails about the state of GnuCash
> >      automation to Paul so that he is in the loop about the state of
> >      affairs.
> I haven't been following the stuff with regard to GnuCash automation
> issues in previous Board minutes, but I thought I'd share a suggestion.
> For Software Freedom Conservancy, we used GnuCash for the first few
> years, but found, as perhaps you all are, that getting the needed
> reports out of it required a lot of work coding up new reports in Guile.

The automation required is not for reports, it is for importing PayPal
data.  This involves discriminate between Friends of GNOME donations
(one-time payments, subscriptions), other donations (LGM, GIMP, etc.)
and reimbursements.  Also, it is required to add extra transactions with
the fees we ask for handling other transactions (5% of each

It can touch the GnuCash file, but it would be needed to check the
consistency of the data (avoid duplicated entries), or it could be used
an intermediate file that GnuCash can understand and let the tool
verify/warn for duplicate entries.

> I decided ultimately to switch to a tool called Ledger:
> It's ASCII and command line based, and the 2.x series versions of it can
> actually read in GnuCash data.
> This might be able to help your automation: even if you stick with
> GnuCash itself, using a version of Ledger that supports I/O on GnuCash
> files might be able to generate the reports and spreadsheet import you
> need more easily.

As far as I read, it is only for reading.


Germán Póo-Caamaño
Concepción - Chile

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