Membership Committee meeting minutes


the GNOME Membership Committee had its first meeting exactly two days 
ago (on 11/03/2010) and here they come all the meeting's details:


    * Andrea Veri
    * Bruno Boaventura
    * Pedro Villavicencio
    * Susana Pereira 


    * Tobias Mueller 

Agenda for the meeting and items discussed:

* checking up membership guidelines
* preparing elections
* discuss any improvement to the foundation.g.o website
* check for active / inactive members and find one more new member 
  (if needed)
* elect a new chairman
* discuss new members self-introduction to foundation-list


* check and modify form letters (they look too old and often we 
  don't get from vouchers what we need to judge an application) (form 
  letters are stored in our wiki page available at FormLetters [1])
* modify the applicant.php [2] page to make it more readable and 
  friendly (we should remove some useless fields making the page more 
  clear. Also we should ask the applicants to write a good resume of 
  their past and present contributions together with at least two 
  vouchers emails)
* contact the Board of Directors and see if MC have autonomy to 
  change the number of vouchers required for an application. (and also 
  if we have the possibility to modify the 
* update the website to make it more close to 
  how looks like. (we will need the Website / Art team to 
  help us out a bit with this task) --> this needs to be forwarded to 
  the Board to check if their fine with this. (Bruno prepared a mail 
* AndreaVeri to send a patch for the Mango git branch asking for 
  new members to send out a small introduction about themselves on the 
  foundation-list mailing list as per link posted above [3])
* new members will be posted on the foundation-list every one 
  month or when we gonna reach 10 approved members as per 
  MembershipCommittee/ApprovedMembers [4]
* check with Tobias about elections scripts et all, this will be 
  discussed separately on our mailing list in the near future. (the 
  elections need to end before GUADEC in June / July)
* AndreaVeri got appointed as the new chairman of the 
  MembershipCommittee. (the quorum voted unanimously in favour) 
  (Thanks Bruno for all your work in the past two years)
* we checked for active and inactive members on the Membership 
  Committee and we updated our page accordingly. (The MC official 
  members allowed to process new Foundation Members and prepare 
  elections are listed at the bottom of the MembershipCommittee wiki 
  page [5]) 


At your service,

                The GNOME Membership Committee


 : :' :   Andrea Veri <and debian org>,
 `. `'                <av ubuntu com>,
   `-                 <av gnome org>

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