Re: Reboot: Strategic goals for GNOME

On Wed, 2010-03-03 at 10:09 +0100, Dave Neary wrote:
> Like I say, I'm not
> happy with the "vision" part of this (GNOME everywhere, and invisible)

I'm not happy with the invisible part either.

We *do* compete with three other desktops: Windows, Mac OS, and KDE.
Unless people know what GNOME is, 

a) people won't consciously value a choice (of distro, or by a company,
school, government, etc) including it.

b) the GNOME skills on people's resumes won't mean anything to anyone,
thereby reducing to zero the professional development value to the
individual of contributing to our ecosystem.

If we're not sexy and hot (as a technology) then why would people want
to be involved? If no one knows what & who we are, then how are we
supposed to make a marketing impact that anyone cares about? It's not
enough that a few people on #gnome-hackers know what GNOME is

[yes, I actually heard someone say that a few days ago, arguing that
distros are the only "customer" we need to care about. I couldn't
disagree more]

The above also applies for why we need to be aware that GTK is integral
to our platform and that we compete with Qt over it.


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