Re: GNOME Speaker Guidelines

On 6/25/10 2:21 AM, "Patryk Zawadzki" <patrys pld-linux org> wrote:
> It would be better if GNOME defined a precise set of rules (ie. "don't
> mention religion"). As for the hazy areas, common sense is a better
> judge than a set of written rules. If someone does something grossly
> inappropriate just don't invite them to further events.

The difficulty with "precise sets of rules", is that anything that someone
didn't manage to explicitly think up in advance is "fair game" as long as it
doesn't _precisely_ run afoul of one of those rules.

And when someone _does_ manage to find something which actually offends
everyone in the audience, but which wasn't envisioned beforehand, there's no
basis for complaint at all: it's not "against the rules".

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