Re: Question for Bastian Nocera

    That's not the argument we are making.  We say GNU/Linux because GNU wants
    the credit for the part it delivers other than the kernel.  That's why we
    say GNU/Linux.

That's an understatement.  The reason people should call this system
"GNU/Linux" is that its core is the GNU system, with Linux added.

		    If we apply that attitude to GNOME we can do the same thing.

The argument doesn't apply the same for GNOME, since GNOME isn't an
operating system -- rather, it is a subsystem.

However, when people call the system "GNU/Linux" and give credit
to the GNU system, that credit is for all the parts of GNU -- for GNOME
as well as GCC, Emacs, GNU Chess, GPG, Glibc, and all the rest.
The increased awareness of GNU benefits all the GNU packages too.

    Nobody can say
    GNU/Linux in a conversation or type it.

Thousands of people do this, so it can't be so hard.
If you try, I think you will find it is quite possible.

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