Re: question for candidates

Dear Mr.Nocera and Mr.Stallman, as GNOME and FLOSS fan I would like
say something about this:

>> Many people have already chosen free software precisely for the sake
>> of freedom.  So have some national and regional governments.

>They chose it first because it matches their requirements, then because
> it was libre software. Or because it matched their requirements close
> enough that they'd be able to modify it for those.

Pretty *all* marketing reaserches show that
companies choose FLOSS because this reasons:

* to escape from vendor lock-in
* to have the possibility to adapt software to their needs
* in general: "flexibility"

These are freedom-related reasons, I think. Despite the fact that they
call FS only as "open source", companies are searching for freedom.

Price is often the third or forth reason for importance.

Additionally, security is often a primary goal, but we need to
remember that security in FS is often a side-effect of the fact that it is
In facts, other Unix like system (i.e. Mac OS X) are not secure like
GNU/Linux as many hacker contest have demostrate.

Many other pratical advangates of FLOSS are side-effects of freedom.

In other words, "freedom is a feature"

Thank you for attention.

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