Re: question for candidates

Your message made me aware of the GNOME Ambassadors program, so I read
the page to learn about it.

There is a subtle but deep difference between the goal stated in that
page, "To ... teach people the advantages of using a free desktop,"
and teaching them the idea of the free software movement, that "You
deserve freedom; you deserve to have control over your computing."
The latter takes a moral stand, while "advantages" does not imply such
a stand.

That moral stand is the central idea of free software; educating the
community about free software means, above all, teaching that stand.
The GNOME Ambassadors will explain various other points about free
software, but the page doesn't currently mention this central point.

Thus, one example of what the board might do so that GNOME will
promote the free software philosophy more is to mention these
ideas explicitly in the GNOME Ambassadors program.

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