Re: Call for hosts for GUADEC 2010 / Follow up meeting

On Wed, Sep 16, 2009 at 1:00 PM, Srinivasa Ragavan V <sragavan gmail com> wrote:
> Hello GNOME,
> During the last board meeting. we discussed on having a follow up
> meeting on call for hosts. The main idea here would be to have a
> meeting, where the foundation members and others will have an
> opportunity to chat/ask with previous GUADEC organizers on various
> topics. Lot of people would have queries, doubts on organizing an
> event of this kind, and Q&As during the meeting will help us get over
> that. I approached Baris, Agustin, Quim, Paul and Dave, yet to confirm
> the timings from them.
> Topics to suggest:
>  * location (city)
>  * venue & number of rooms needed
>  * local team size
>  * how much time will it take to plan and run?
>  * what non-local resources are there
>  * sponsorship
>  * budget
>  * website
>  * agenda & speakers
>  * Call for Papers
>  * Conference Infrastructure
> The meeting will be on 22nd September, 17:00 UTC on irc. Server
> GimpNet, channel: #guadec-planning. We know that the time might be
> tough for few people (including me, its 10.30pm). The chat logs will
> be  formatted and available for reading post meeting. I will be
> sending an meeting invite soon.

I almost forgot this for some time and didnt know how to format it
better, so didn't publish the logs. Sorry for that. I have kept the
raw irc logs in the following page [1] in the wiki. It was overall a
nice meeting, check out the logs please. If you know of good tools to
convert xchat irc log to wiki formatting, feel free to reformat it on
the same wiki page. Thanks.


[1] -

> Thanks
> Srini.
> PS: Please pass this message across, if you know some one who might be
> interested in this. Also Twit, RT requested.

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