GUADEC 2010, call for papers

GUADEC call for participation

(please circulate)

GUADEC (pronounced GWAH-DECK) is an acronym for the GNOME
Users' And Developers' European Conference. Held annually in
cities around Europe, GUADEC is the largest get-together of
GNOME users, developers, foundation leaders, individuals,
governments and businesses in the world. Gnome is the Free
and open source software stack that drives the user
interface of many Linux-based devices, from smartphones to
your home PC.

This year's GUADEC in The Hague, the Netherlands, deals with
several interesting themes. First and foremost we will of
course turn the spotlights on:

   * the upcoming GNOME 3.0 release.

Other hot topics include:

   * GNOME and the mobile platform;
   * distributions and platforms.

Further topics of special interest:

   * Search, meta data and the semantic desktop;
   * Performance - optimizing processor, memory and
     disk i/o usage;
   * User experience - designing and writing great
   * Growing Community - involving the non-technical and
     recruiting new people.

At the same time, This year's venue, the HHS in The Hague,
an educational setting in the political heart of the
Netherlands, provides a grand opportunity to focus special
attention on two other subjects that are of major importance

   * government desktops based on free and open source
   * free and open source software and citizen empowerment;
   * attention for free and open source software in
     education and the participation of students;

Of course, you are free to submit anything that does not fit
in those categories, provided that it is relevant for the
GNOME community at large.

The GUADEC Call for Participation has the following time line:

   * Friday, March 20th: Deadline for submission of abstracts

   * Friday, April 10th: Notification of speakers

Please submit your proposal before March 20th through [1]the
online paper submission system. Papers will be reviewed by
the program committee between March 20th and April 10th.

The program committee is looking forward to your suggestions
for participating in this year's exciting edition of GUADEC.
Feel free to contact us, either on [2]the general GUADEC
mailing list or [3]privately.


   2. mailto:guadec-list gnome org
   3. mailto:guadec-papers gnome org

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