Re: Thanks, and a Brief Survey

Title: Re: Thanks, and a Brief Survey
On 1/15/10 3:17 PM, "Stormy Peters" <stormy peters gmail com> wrote:

I disagree quite strongly.

Fair enough, let me be clearer: my stated views do not necessarily represent the views of the GNOME Foundation or the GNOME community. GNOME comprises a variety of viewpoints, of which mine is one; there are plenty of others. This is one of its strengths.

I have a bit of a concern, however, that on the strength of this statement, one might find oneself confronted with the suggestion that one is “damaging GNOME” somehow by simply expressing a point of view: in fact, such a suggestion has been made in this thread at one point. Again, this—to me—seems to demand a sort of self-censorship. Who’s to make the judgment of what constitutes a “good job representing GNOME”?

Am I doing a “good job representing GNOME”? (This is intended as a completely rhetorical question, lest anyone misunderstand me here; I am not requesting a “performance review”, and I’ll look askance at anyone who tries to deliver one on this list.) Some may feel so, but I’d bet any amount of money that you’d get some distinct disagreement to that suggestion if you asked around.

Not that this bothers me, especially.

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