Re: Thanks, and a Brief Survey

> 2. not legitimate; not sanctioned by
> law or custom.

I don't see what the fuss is about.

"Not sanctioned by custom" precisely describes Richard Stallman's belief
that Free Software as a concept does not include considering proprietary
software as acceptable in most cases.

Whether that is true of the majority use of the term today is open to
debate, but it was his term in the first place 8)

The EU uses "Free, Libre and Open Source Software " when it wants to talk
about the general space and ensure that the usual misinterpretations of
'free' do not occur and that nobody is offended, mislabeled or wastes all
their meeting time with stupid arguments.

A bit cumbersome but a good deal more all embracing. Given GNOME has
always tended to keep core libraries LGPL that's perhaps also more
descriptive too.


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