Re: GNOME: lack of strategic roadmap

I hesitate to reopen this discussion, frankly. Look at the archives for
December and January.

On 2/22/10 1:12 PM, "Alberto Ruiz" <aruiz gnome org> wrote:

> 2010/2/22 Lefty ( 亢 ) <lefty shugendo org>:
>> Well, we've certainly managed to place GNOME at an enormous disadvantage
>> with respect to an alternative, quasi-open-source platform, like Android,
>> largely through a couple of years' worth of inattention and, more
>> importantly, an ongoing failure to engage with the commercial mobile
>> ecosystem in any positive and meaningful way. Hopefully, some efforts might
>> be made to correct that in the coming year; whether or not that actually
>> happens, or will be effective if it does, is very much up in the air in my
>> mind.
> Do you have any examples of the GNOME community being negative or
> hostile towards the commercial mobile ecosystem?
>> The viewpoint held in some quarters which is directly hostile to such
>> engagement has been a negative factor for us in the past and continues to be
>> one. Google, for all that its Android efforts have been competitive to
>> GNOME's interests in the mobile space, has done a much better job here.
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