GUADEC 2010, call for volunteers

(please circulate, Dutch version at


GUADEC (pronounced GWAH-DECK) is an acronym for the GNOME
Users' And Developers' European Conference. Held annually in
cities around Europe, GUADEC is the largest gettogether of
GNOME users, developers,   foundation leaders, individuals,
governments and businesses in the world. Gnome is the Free
and open source software stack that drives the user
interface of many Linux-based devices, from smartphones to
your home pc.

GUADEC 2010, the eleventh edition, will be in The Hague, The
Netherlands and takes place on July 24 - July 30.

The organisation team calls you to arms! A community
conference like GUADEC only happens when the community puts
its weight behind it.

This is your chance to be part of this event. Whether you
are a conference rookie or a seasoned GUADEC veteran, your
help is much appreciated.

As a volunteer at the conference, you may enjoy special
benefits such as a free and limited edition volunteer shirt
and free food and drinks during your volunteering hours.

How to sign up

If you are interested, please subscribe to the GUADEC
[1]mailing list and (important) send an email to
gmc sonologic nl  Have a look below to find out what kind of
help is needed.


On the short term we are looking for a webmaster. You will
be maintaining the conference web infrastructure, and help
form a team that will customise the look and feel of the
current conference website at

Knowledge of php, mysql and css are required for this task.

Other competencies

We also need designers to expand the current design team.
The design team will take care of graphic design regarding
the website, the program, badges and other print material,
banners, and other items.

The registration desk and speaker desk form an important
part of the conference organisation. The former will handle
communication with visitors before the conference, as well
as registration at the start of the conference.

The later is an important link between speakers and the
conference organisation. The speakerdesk will communicate
with speakers, make sure speakers know where to be at what
time and generally make sure the program of talks runs

In addition, during the conference itself we will need a lot
of hands for building up, monitoring the lecture rooms
(heralding) and lots of other odd jobs.

So whatever your background, there is likely a job with your
name on it!

What is GUADEC all about

The primary goals of GUADEC are:

- to set the direction of the project in the coming year;
- to attract developers and contributors to the project;
- to help corporate partners be involved in the project;
- to connect developers, corporate partners and governments;
- and to showcase our latest technologies.

The week will be split into three phases: the warm-up days
leading up to GUADEC; GUADEC itself; and After Hours. During
these phases , the talks will be divided in different
categories, focusing on the future of GNOME, the preview and
demonstration of existing technologies, as well as
brainstorming sessions with public administration and the


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