T-shirt contest and GNOME Friends promotion

Dear all,

I'm cross posting since I guess the 3 lists might reach different people. I would like to follow up on that last foundation IRC meeting and highlight one of the point we talked about: T-shirt contest and GNOME Friends promotion.

Each of us can do our little part and post a badge on their BLOG and user group, should it be a GNOME or Linux or Free Software User Group (o any other kind as long as it makes sense). We're aiming at getting 400 new FoG as soon as possible (maybe we could pick a deadline).

Badges can be found at this page:


The other things which would be nice is to write a post and place it of the front page of your blog/user group about the T-shirt contest. This can definitely be a news for your group.

Following the IRC meeting 3 UG have already done. It's not much but it's a start. You can check those for reference:
User Groups
http://www.bjgug.org/ (in Chinese)
http://gnome.tw/project (in Chinese)
http://www.beijinglug.org/ (English)

(discussing with Phnom Penh LUG, Qingdao LUG and Moonos - a GNOME distribution)

http://pockey.dao2.com (on Planet GNOME)
http://fred.dao2.com (not on planet GNOME)

We've also discussed about creating some slides for UGs about GNOME in general and finding topics "anyone" could present. If someone is interest or has any existing content which could be adapted let's start page below http://live.gnome.org/UserGroups .

One of the first idea what to present FoG and what The GNOME Foundation does with those founds, how it helps making GNOME GNOME . I think I unofficially got this one assigned to me. ;-) Any other innovative idea welcome.

Thanks a lot for your help, any small effort matters.


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