Re: GNOME's logo been incorrectly used


Brian Cameron wrote:
> The GNOME Foot could only be licensed by the copyright holder.  I'd
> think any licenses assigned without permission by the copyright holder
> would not be considered valid.  So, how can there be images in the
> wild?  I'd think the copyright holder should know how it has been
> licensed with permission.

If, for example, the GNOME foot (which is in the wiki) were released to
one person by the original author under by-sa or fdl, and then
redistributed from there, we'd be SOL.

If, for example, the foot's creator never did such a thing, but someone
else marked the foot file as CC by-sa or fdl, and then that got shipped
around, then the original author could certainly ask for correction.

> Is it not The GNOME Foundation who owns the copyright to the logo?  I
> thought the author of the foot logo image provided the artwork as a
> part of a contest.

No - as far as I know, the foot is copyright jimmac. jimmac can confirm.


Dave Neary
GNOME Foundation member
dneary gnome org

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