Re: GNOME's logo been incorrectly used


On 12/ 8/10 07:46 AM, Dave Neary wrote:
Also, there's a decent copyright claim there by the icon author, if his
artwork is being reused without his knowledge or consent, unless of
course there's a GNOME foot in the wild somewhere under FDL or a CC license.

The GNOME Foot could only be licensed by the copyright holder.  I'd
think any licenses assigned without permission by the copyright holder
would not be considered valid.  So, how can there be images in the
wild?  I'd think the copyright holder should know how it has been
licensed with permission.

Is it not The GNOME Foundation who owns the copyright to the logo?  I
thought the author of the foot logo image provided the artwork as a
part of a contest.


Frederic Muller wrote:
This company is somehow in "my backyard". Do you want me to get in touch
with them and test the waters?


On 11/29/2010 06:35 PM, Andrew wrote:
G'day all,
so i was out shopping and i found the gnome foot plastered on some
brand of wii accessory, see the attached image,
also i did some google'ing and found the website if you look through you can see
the gnome foot clearly visible on the main page, and if you click
through the image gallery you'll see products with the gnome foot on

cheers andrew

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