Re: How about creating


> So to stress things, the site should clearly state that the plugins
> are property of their developers and that problems should go to them
> (as the does)  Of course we could also showcase
> GNOME-"blessed" plugins with some logo of Gnome. For me "blessed"w
> would mean are to  be defined as maintained in a repository in the
> gnome git server.

Wouldn't it be better to restrict us to high quality plugins in the first
place? So, basically, getting accepted on would mean to
deliver quality code, translation and documentation.

We could have some kind of "staging" area of course but I would want this
area to be disabled by default, with a clear "You have been warned"-sign
attached to it.

Remember that we aren't a company that needs to promote its appstore by
having lots of stuff there and we can concentrate on quality. See [1]
related to that.



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