Hi GNOME Foundation members,

I just wanted to remind everyone that there is a GNOME Women mailing list [1] and welcome people to join.

There are some plans coming up to encourage and promote women's participation in GNOME:
 * There is a Mini Summit on Women in Free Software this Saturday at the FSF. This is a small event hosted by the Free Software Foundation to kick start an effort to figure out how we can best increase women's participation in the free software movement. Marina Zhurakhinskaya will be representing GNOME in person and I'll be attending via phone. [2] [3]
 * Marina is proposing a new Women's Outreach in 2010 [4].
 * We're planning an edition of GNOME Journal written by women. If you are a woman who'd like to write an article, please let us know! It can be about something you are working on or some aspect of GNOME you find interesting. (Please feel free to encourage women you know to write articles. Often we, both men and women, don't realize the interesting things we have to share until someone else points it out to us.) And if you are not a woman, and want to write an article for GNOME Journal, they are always looking for contributions!

If you are interested in making sure we encourage women to participate in GNOME, please join the list. There's a round of introductions going on right now, so please introduce yourself. Both men and women are welcome.



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