Re: What do you think of the foundation?

Dave Neary wrote:
I have said that the foundation has a role to enable people to attend conferences. In the special case of GUADEC, we are very generous in that role. But I think we've been too generous - just because we are enabling someone to attend a conference doesn't mean we should pay 100% of their travel costs. Paying 80% of their travel costs is not a punishment, but it might indeed test their committment to attend the conference - if it's not worth covering 20% of the costs from their own pocket, how committed are they to travelling, really?
Hi Dave!
From a personal experience I wouldn't have been able to go to Vilanova unless I had been covered by the Foundation for the trip. I was terribly low on cash during that period, so I am grateful to the organization for helping me in this matter. I therefore feel good to pay back in terms of design for foundation related materials and through the Friends of GNOME Program.

Do we have a bad record of people who we have sponsored for conferences that later have disappeared from the community?
- Andreas

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