Re: What do you think of the foundation?

2009/5/29 Stormy Peters <stormy peters gmail com>:
> So I'm hearing Dave say we need more policing and Philip saying everything
> is ok. What do others think?

Well, if anyone wants some perspective, its not like we havent been
through all this before:

> I suppose the question is what is our social norm? That's what Dave and
> Philip seem to be debating.

I think were discussing something a little more dangerous, I think were
debating whether this community is ready to accept one single social
norm as the one that defines them (and forcibly rejects others who are
not represented by that norm), and even more touchy - we are discussing
the possibility to assign a role to a person or a group, who will be ultimately
responsible for defining that social norm.

Personally, I am proud of what we have achieved so far as a culturally
and ethnically diverse crowd of contributors - always getting further in
putting our differences aside and resolving the issues which unite us
(accepting others for their own social norm and moving on is a challenging
thing, it humbles us and makes us stronger in the end).

Unless we have some really disturbing evidence that leaving people to their
own better judgment is not working, theres no reason to disturb the beautiful
community and peace that we do have.


PS: No I dont think this is a debate about, if that site
misrepresents what it is, a collective blog site of gnome hackers - then
that needs to be fixed - or its purpose redefined, but thats a separate issue.

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