Re: Questions for the candidates - let's start the discussion(s)

Hi Susan,

Susana Pereira wrote:
Yes, I understand it is a big, time consuming list. The reasoning for
sending it this way is that in last elections the membership committee
sent 10 questions, and then many people started new threads sending
their own questions which is more confusing than having a single list.

Last year, right after the candidates list closed, Bruno posted a list of 10 questions which, presumably, the committee came up with:

There was no gathering & filtering of questions, so if people had questions that the membership committee hadn't thought of, they felt like they hadn't had a chance to ask them.

Nothing will stop people asking other questions, or reacting to answers, but at least with this filter & synthesis you can avoid duplicates & ensure you're asking the most relevant/popular questions.


Dave Neary
GNOME Foundation member
dneary gnome org

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