Candidacy: Lucas Rocha

Name: Lucas Rocha
Mail: lucasr gnome org
Nick: lucasr
Affiliation: litl


I've been part of the Foundation Board for almost 2 years now. My impression is
that the Foundation is gradually improving every year as an organization. GNOME
is in a very important moment now with a lot of important changes to come. I
think I can be very helpful on making sure Board supports the community in the
best way possible towards the GNOME 3 goals.


I've been an active GNOME contributor since 2005. Since then I got involved in
a bunch of different (technical and non-technical) activities inside the
project by maintaining (gnome-session, gjs, eog and zenity) and contributing to
some of our software modules, doing release management, co-coordinating
projects (Google Summer of Code in GNOME, Planet GNOME, GNOME Journal, GNOME
Roadmap, GNOME Brasil, ...), side-contributing to some teams (Web, Marketing,
...), organizing events, and other misc stuff. In the specific GNOME Foundation
scope, I've been a member of the Membership Committee for more than 1 year,
from which a resigned some time after I became part of the Board since July
2007. Currently, I work for litl, a startup developing some cool stuff based on
GNOME and other FLOSS technologies. I'm from Brazil!

While on Foundation Board, I worked on:

 - A11y outreach program
 - New Friends of GNOME
 - Annual report
 - General communication with the community
 - Daily board decisions / communication



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