Candidacy: Vincent Untz

Name: Vincent Untz
Mail: vuntz gnome org
Nick: vuntz
Affiliation: Novell

75 words Summary

Hi, here I am, Vincent, 7 gnome-years old now. I'm running for the
Foundation Board this year, after thinking hard about it. I believe the
Foundation is doing great; it's certainly not perfect, but my feeling is
that things have improved in the past few years. Being on the Board is
the way I choose to make sure this goes on. Of course, I could pretend
I'm perfect and... wait, I'm not perfect?

More Details

I started contributing to GNOME in 2002, and I've been working in
various areas of the project since then -- bug triage, code, release
management, local promotion, Foundation, etc. I have some irrational
love for what we're doing :-)

I've been increasingly happy with what the Foundation has done in the
past few years, and I believe this trend can go on if we keep working
hard. And I'd like to help here. Of course, there's no need to be on the
board to help (yes, everybody can contribute to the Foundation, don't
tell me you didn't know that!).

I'm running for a few reasons:

 + I will have time for this role. Yes, it's worth mentioning ;-)

 + I think I've done a relatively good job as a board member in the
   current term. Nothing huge (or at least, I don't remember anything
   huge), but certainly enough to make me happy.

 + I know the community well, and I'm comfortable with talking to
   anybody in our community (or not), about any topic. I also believe
   people can come to me and discuss anything without any problem. Of
   course, I might be mistaken ;-) But if I'm not, then it's a good
   thing for helping coordinate stuff.

 + I somehow like to do some of the boring parts that other people
   usually don't enjoy. I said "some" :-)

Also, I enjoy sending my candidacy mail just before the deadline. This
probably means something about me...



Les gens heureux ne sont pas pressés.

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