Candidacy: Srinivasa Ragavan

Name : Srinivasa Ragavan (call me Srini)
Irc  : srag  (in GIMPNet/FreeNode)
mail : sragavan gnome org (or) sragavan novell com
Web  : 
Affiliation : Novell, Inc.

Short Summary:

I love GNOME, free software and the community. I care for it. I'm
contributing to GNOME for the last 6 years, by means of code, bugs,
patches and features. I want to contribute more in non-code terms being
in the board. I'm confident I can do it. Every GNOME board I have seen
is awesome, unique and ever-improving. I'm sure, I would add my best to

Me ?

I'm 28 years old, computer science engineering graduate from India. Out
of college, I joined Novell, and 8 years on, still there. First 2 years,
I was working on BIND and Apache projects. Since 2003, I'm with GNOME,
contributing to various GNOME projects and Notably, I'm
the project maintainer for Evolution (and friends) for the last ~3
years. I'm the author of Anjal, the mailer for Netbooks. 

What have I done till now in GNOME?

I have been writing code for ~6 years. Mostly patches, bugs
enhancements. I'm maintain Evolution. I have contributed to create a
self-sustaining Evolution community. I have brought new module
maintainers in Evolution, who were active contributing. I have
streamlined patch reviews in Evolution, and enabled more contributions
to Evolution .Evolution adds to at least 50 new contributors every major
release. I have been the top patch reviewer in GNOME for the last two
years. I'm currently writing (Anjal) new mail client for low-power, low
memory devices and mobile devices. I manage an Open Source Internship
program in India (through Novell & GNOME Bangalore chapter), which
enable students to contribute to Open source projects in GNOME, Open
Office, LDTP and Mono. I still mentor few students in contributing to
GNOME and other open source projects. 

What will I do if I'm on the board?

 - The release team has done an amazing road map and schedule for
GNOME3. I would stand by and support release team when required and then
GNOME to have a successful in GNOME 3.0 release.
 - We have an amazing Desktop, great hackers,  a wonderful community and
users. We have good marketing as well. But I feel, there a lot of room
for improvement. I would give more focus on GNOME marketing.
 - I love GNOME, the community and the users. I'm would keep my ears
wide open and listen to everyone and be a people representative on the
 - I would do my best for arranging hack fests, meetings and
 - I was successful with the open source internship program that I
started in India. It helped in adding a few consistent contributors to
GNOME. But India has a lot more potential contributors to GNOME and free
software. Being part of the board, I would strive hard towards making
more GNOME contributors from India. 

When I first told my friends, some of them asked me, 'Do I have time?'.
Time is something that everyone lacks. I swear, I'll do better planning
and dedicate necessary time for the board activities.

If I win, this will be my first term for the GNOME board. Vote for me.


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