Re: Supporting GTK+

Le dimanche 08 mars 2009 à 16:39 +0000, Splodgeness Tiberius Abounds a
écrit :
> Please could you tell me if there are any versions of GTK+ installed
> by default in any versions of Linux. I have spent all weekend
> attempting to install GTK+ in Debian 4.0 and Ubuntu 8.10 and always
> fall at the first hurdle (Pango.)   I am sure this is merely the first
> of an abundance of issues that I will come across and I simply don't
> have the time available to go through this again. If there is a Linux
> distro that already has GTK+ installed so that I can install
> mono-develop then I will simply install that distro.   thanks in
> advance   Patrick Stowe

1) This list is not a support list, so ask your question on mailing list
dedicated for this purpose.

2) GTK+ is available on most of Linux distributions I heard of,
especially Ubuntu which come in a desktop flavor with GNOME installed so
you've have GTK+, so I guess you don't even read documentation, and I
suspect you're trying to compile package instead of just installing it.

Baptiste Mille-Mathias <bmm80 free fr>

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